This product is structured so that you can listen to its sound after directly assembling and operating it. Your power of creativity and imagination will improve by your personal activity of assembly and operation. This is the best product to help you easily understand the scientific principle of the new film speaker and apply it in your daily life.
  Frequncy response: 3.3K Load 150Hz-20kHz
Power Input: AC100~250V/50~60Hz
Output: Film Speaker 1.5watts x 2ch
  The sound of the film speaker beautifully comes out from a transparent film (piezoelectric element). Since the film speaker is thin and light, it can be used in any form. Properties of the Film Speaker are Various Application Areas, Thin & Slim, Light Weight, Strong to Humidity, and Various Designs for Users.
Pierre Curie, the husband of Madam Curie, and his brother, Jacques Curie discovered for the first time that tourmaline of a solid material such as quartz and crystal generates electric fields when compressed or stretched, which is called the piezoelectric phenomenon or piezoelectric effect. And those materials are called as “piezoelectric elements”. When electricity is applied to piezoelectric elements, movement energy like vibration is generated, which is also called as “piezoelectric elements”
Attachment of Image Place the film speaker on the front side of the panel while adjusting its holes’ positions with the four holes’ positions of the panel. (It should be attached to the upper part of the film speaker after taking off the image protection film. ) * When a personal picture or a picture of one’s taste is to be attached to the film speaker:
  After placing the protection film on the bottom of the flat part, and the stereo board on its opposite side, fix both of them using bolts and nuts.
Fix the assembled flat part to the left and right support wings using bolts and nuts. Caution: Please perform the assembly work after checking the direction well as in the picture. After fixing them, fold the support wings’ flat part 90 degrees. Then fold the 6 fixing parts (4 fixing parts for FS-815ST) of the front-side panel as in the picture. Caution: If you try to fold them more than 90 degrees, there may be a risk of rip due to the characteristic of paper.
  As in the picture, assemble the front-side panel and the support wings adjusting their corresponding six holes using bolts and nuts.
Connect the white square terminal of the PCB board to the film speaker’s jack. After folding the PCB board cover using the ( ) shape tool, fold it inside and finish the work by fixing it into the hole in the center.
Organize your desk beautifully by building your own film speaker on it. It will become a new different product if you attach your own printed design to the film part and the front-side panel.